How to Make Your CV Stand Out

How to Make Your CV Stand Out

It may be a bit hard to tell if your CV will stand out, but it can help to follow some tips. For instance, you may want to avoid using fancy formatting and bold choices. Instead, use action verbs that will draw the reader in and make your CV seem more impressive. You can also use the STAR model, which stands for “Success, Authenticity, and Honesty.” These tips will help you make your CV more impressive than the rest.

STAR model

Using the STAR model is a great way to convey your relevant skills and experiences. The basic idea is to describe your previous jobs in terms of what you were responsible for, what you did, and what you achieved. Once you have identified each of these points, you can then write one sentence for each of them. This method will help you demonstrate your strengths in a concise and effective way.

When applying for a job, it is always best to outline your qualifications with a STAR model. It allows you to highlight your qualifications in a logical manner and shows your employers your strengths and abilities. The STAR method can be used to answer behavioural interview questions about how you solve problems and how you manage different situations.

In addition to using the STAR method, it is helpful to include examples of your work. For instance, if you’ve worked in a team, try to replicate the scenario and include examples. For instance, if you worked in a sales team, try to highlight how you handled the tasks that were assigned to you.

The STAR model can also be useful when answering situational interview questions, because the STAR method encourages job seekers to explain the details of their own experiences. Often, this method is the most effective way to answer these types of questions. Moreover, it can help you prepare for the interview.

Another benefit of the STAR model is its simplicity. Instead of writing a lengthy paragraph about every single thing you’ve done, the STAR model allows you to highlight the best examples from each job. By using the STAR method, you will create a resume that is able to answer the most important question asked by a hiring manager.


The first step to becoming authentic is self-awareness. This involves understanding who you are and how you communicate. Being a good communicator and portraying yourself effectively is an important skill to master if you want to become a good leader in the marketplace. However, beware of oversharing!

Authenticity is an important quality to have, as it will make you more likable and give employers insight into your personality. However, be cautious when sharing personal information on your CV. It may not be appropriate to discuss controversial subjects, or to share information about yourself that does not directly relate to the role for which you are applying. In addition, you should avoid overstatements and buzzwords.

Authenticity also means being genuine. Today, there is a great emphasis on being honest and genuine. Some people believe in brutal honesty, while others prefer to use dramatic license. Either way, it’s important to design your CV to show the true you and your strengths to the hiring manager.

Having a strong sense of self is key to being authentic. You’ll want to work on your self-confidence to ensure that you are strong enough to face difficult situations. An authentic person also considers others’ needs, and treats them with respect. Authenticity also involves controlling your emotions, especially during stressful times.


Honesty on a CV makes it much more likely that an employer will want to hire you. Employers often do background checks on their candidates, which means they’ll want to make sure that you’re honest about your credentials. When you’re applying for a job, employers will check your education, skills, and experience to make sure that you’re qualified for the position. If you’re not fully educated for a position, be honest about it. If you’re not a graduate, include the number of semesters you attended or the credits you earned, as well as relevant classes.

Employers will often ask you to provide examples of how you’ve been honest in the workplace. Your examples should be in a professional environment. However, it’s a good idea to avoid overstating your honesty, as this can backfire and make it seem as though you have something to hide.

Honesty is a fundamental quality that will help your CV stand out from the rest. When applying for a job, make sure that your experience is unique and relevant. Employers will be suspicious if you leave out information that is important to them. Regardless of what your background is, being honest is the best way to stand out from the crowd.

Whether you have a full-time or part-time job, you should be honest on your resume. Falsifying your skills or exaggerating your experience can make you unfit for the job, and it will damage your chances of being hired or fired. Honesty also reflects well on your character. When potential employers see your resume, they will be more inclined to hire you.

Examples of accomplishments

Choosing the right examples of accomplishments for your CV can help you gain more attention from hiring managers and stand out among the other applicants. Your achievements should be tailored to your job experience and specific to your career goals. For example, if you worked as an office manager, your achievements might include resolving problems, gaining positive feedback from your boss, and surpassing targets. You can also choose to list your team’s achievements. If you are unsure about what to include, you can also get help from colleagues.

To choose the best achievements, you should think of the moments that make you feel proud of your work. Think of the instances in which you felt most proud or happy. If any of these moments are not relevant to your job application, you can omit them from your list. Avoid cluttering your CV with irrelevant information. Include a maximum of three examples in the achievements section. Then, you can put the rest in other sections.

The summary section of your CV should include a summary of your achievements. The summary section should include something that will catch the attention of the reader. For example, you could list a deal you closed which led to a promotion or an award you won. Highlighting these achievements will make your resume stand out from the other applicants.

The skills and experiences section of your CV is another important section. You must highlight the skills and abilities that are relevant to the job opening. For instance, if you are applying for a sales position, your accomplishments should be related to the job description. Moreover, quantify your duties and responsibilities.

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